Clash of the Titans

by Benny 19. září 2018 17:49

Last weekend it was time to visit Belgium for a duathlon race. At the same time there was a triathlon so it was also a race between the duathleets and the triathleets. The race was in a very small town near Brugge, called Damme.

Distances we had to cover were 8km run, 90km bike and 21km run.

The plan was to run and bike around my threshold heart rate to get the fastest times possible.

Start was at 10.30 and after a delay for 30 minutes(because a car drove into the canal) we finally could begin. After 100 m i had stop already, because my number fell of my belt and i had to pin it back. A little disappointed i went on and ran with my hear rate just below 170 bpm. With a speed of 4.20 min per km i could take over some athletes who had started to fast. I could maintain my speed but all other athletes were faster runners then me and i came into the transition zone after 35.30 min.


Quickly to my bike and after i took a gel and sport drink i was ready for the second part. We had to ride a 30 km lap 3 times. It took us into the polders of West-Vlaanderen were it is always windy. Iam from Holland, so no problems for me there. With my heart rate around 150 bpm it feld comfortable and enjoyed the scenery. 1 Lap contains 2 strokes cobblestones, and  it was challenging to keep our bottles on the bike. Not my cup of tea.


First round i finished around 52 min and i felt strong to keep it going at this speed. In the second lap more athletes were struggling to maintain speed against the wind and after overtaking a few it grew my confidence that i was doing well. After lap 2 and 3 i finished the bike part in 2 hours and 42 minutes.


Quickly my running shoes on and starting the last and hardest part of the race. i felt good and tried to keep a steady pace and my heart rate below 160 bpm. First 5 km i could keep my pace just below 5.00 min / km, but i knew that was to fast to maintain a half marathon and i slowed down around 5.10 min / km. First round done and into the second round i still felt great. After 15 km my right leg quadriceps were feeling sore so i decided to slow down a bit so i could finish strong. This could be my best time ever and that keeped me motivated all the way to the finishline.

I finished the half marathon in 1hour and 48 min.

Total time 5:09. I did not see that i was standing in front of the time registration so officially i finished in 05:11. Not very clever of me.



Epic3Challenge 2018

by Benny 22. srpna 2018 16:33

3 races in 3 days.

logoEpic 3 Challenge, that was a very interesting concept and I immediately wanted to be part of this. Minor issue was that I did not swim for at least a year.


After some thoughts how to make it to the swim part I decided to register. I had enough stamina to make the swim as all the races where short distance.


First race was at the Zermanice water reservoir. Distances were 400 m swim, 15 km bike and a 4 km run.

Start was at 18.00 hours and after some hot weeks this was the correct time for the weather to change. It was raining and thunderclouds were all over the place. The weather cleared a bit and start was on numeric order.

Swim was not good and I had to change to classic breaststroke due to breath shortage. After 8 min it was time for the bike part. Immediately out of the transitzone there was a steep climb and I had to give all my power to keep riding. Up the hill it went downwards and I was able to keep up the pass and follow some athletes in front of me. They give me a good focus point to keep up the speed. With some rolling hills and a steep climb at the end I was back at the transit zone in 33 min. Now time to see if the legs were any good. After a quick transit I started to run at a reasonable pace, but find out that the rain made the course at the shore very slippery. I decided to slow down to avoid any injuries. Finally some pavement, but with a very steep climb that really hurt my legs. I had to walk the last part of the climb and started to run again at the top down. The course had to be run 2 times and after the second run I was back into the transitzone in 24 min. Total time 1 .07 hour. Not bad for the first day.

Second day started at 11.00 at the Water reservoir of Terlicko. Distances were 750m swim, 22 km bike and 6 km run. It was still raining a bit, but the temperature was fine. After a mass start I was able to find my pace and finished the swim in 18 min. After a quick transition and a climb at the beginning I find my pace and started with a strong speed. The course contained some climbs where I had to slow down to keep my strenght for the last part of the race. After 42 min I was back and ready to start the run. First part of the run was a very nice uphill part and keeping the pace slow but consistent payed of. I had good legs today and was able to give it a go to finish strong. After 27.56 min I finished the second race with a time of 1.29.56. Not bad as I did my last races 2 years ago.

Third day was the last race and everyone was exited to see who had some strenght left to finish strong. Todays distance was a 1 km swim, 30 km bike and a 9 km run.

Start at 11.00. we had to start accordingly to the time you were behind the number one from saturdays race.

I was able to swim all distance crawling and after 22.58 min I got out of the water to make a run to the transition zone which was 1.5 km away from the swim part. By far the longest transition I ever made and after 9.30 min I got to the bike part. First 5 km was uphill and really challenging for the legs. as I live in Holland I have no experience with hills so I was really working hard to get to the top. After the climb the course went down and I got the chance to speed up and move some places up. The second part of the course contained a second climb and with smart cycling I could keep my legs fresh for the second lap. This time my legs were already warmed up and it went better then the first lap. Quickly back into the transition zone just under 1 hour and ready to for the run. Legs were feeling a bit tired but I was able to run at a reasonable speed untill the climb. I could run uphill  2/3 of the climb and had to walk the last part to save my legs. After the hill it went down and I could speed up to make it up for the lost time. Second lap was a bit harder and I decided to follow my first lap strategy. Finally the last lap and I was able to maintain the same speed as lap1 and 2 and after 47.40 min I finished with a total time of 2.20 hour.

3 races in 3 days proofed to be a concept that worked out well. Organisation of all races were good and I think that E3CH is here to stay. I will sure be back to try to improve my time of this years race.


Photo by Radim (day 1, day 2, day 3) and Iveta (day 1, day 2, day 3).

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Závody 2018

Powerman Denmark 2015

by Benny 13. května 2015 09:58

Succesvolle afronding van uitdagende omstandigheden.

Na vorig jaar mijn eerste halve ironman te hebben gedaan was het voor 2015 tijd om meer ervaring op te doen in langere wedstrijden.

Ik heb besloten om mij op te geven voor Powerman Denmark. Dit is de 2e keer dat deze wedstrijd er is en heb meteen maar gekozen voor de ultra afstand.( 10 lopen-120 fietsen-20 lopen).

8 April was het dan zover en zijn Iveta en ik richting Kopenhagen afgereisd. Zaterdagochtend zijn we vroeg naar de startplaats gegaan om de startspullen op te halen. De loopronde konden we rustig verkennen en zag er goed uit. ’s Middags was er de korte afstand en die werd gewonnen door een Nederlander. Was ik niet de enige Hollander bij Powerman Denmark. Helaas was het weer niet erg fijn. Regen, wind en net 9 graden. Hopelijk zou het de volgende dag beter worden.

10 April, wekker om 04.00 gezet. Voel me goed uitgerust en ben een beetje zenuwachtig. Snel ff op het internet gekeken naar de weersverwachting. Regen tot 09.00 en verder winderig en zo rond 9 graden. Kan beter maar moet er maar mee doen.

06.00 naar de start. Ben een van de eersten en kan rustig een plekje zoeken en alles klaarzetten.

Langzaam druppelt het terrein vol met mensen en gaan we richting de start. Nu gaat het gebeuren denk ik en zullen we zien of ik niet teveel op mijn vork heb genomen.

08.05 klinkt het startsein. Rustig aan doen denk ik want de dag is nog lang. Tempo zo rond 4.40 vasthouden moest te doen zijn. Eerste ronde ging prima en kon een aantal mensen volgen die mooi de snelheid voor mij konden vasthouden. 2e ronde ging ook prima en de 10km had ik rond 47.48.

foto 1

Snel omkleden en fietsen dacht ik. Begint het te regenen. Regenjas aan of niet was de vraag. Gezien de voorspelling dacht ik dat het maar even zou regen en heb alleen de windvanger aangedaan.

Daar kreeg ik dus al snel spijt van. Harde regen en een nog hardere wind begon ons te teisteren.

De fietsronde bestond uit 3 ronden van 38 km met 4 km aan- en terugloop naar de transition area.

De route liep geheel langs de zuidkust van Kopenhagen langs de Oostzee. De eerste ronde was het koud en nat en de wind liet goed van zich horen. Zo rond de 30 km per uur. Rustig doortrappen was het motto want je moet nog meer doen vandaag. Na de 1e ronde was het gelukkig gestopt met regen maar ging de wind nog harder waaien. Nu zo tussen de 40 en 50 km per uur met windstoten tot 70 km per uur. Niet erg blij maar toch volhardend blijven doortrappen ging ronde 2 ook voorbij. Onderweg veel mensen met lekke banden gezien. Zal mij toch niet overkomen hoopte ik en ging vol goede moed de laatste ronde in. Vermoeidheid begon een beetje te komen en besloot om maar een tandje lager te trappen.

foto 2

De fietsronde toch nog redelijk fit geëindigd en snel omkleden naar het laatste onderdeel.

Rustig aan beginnen om de benen tijd te geven voor de overgang en de eerste 5 km ging redelijk en door naar de 2e 5 km. Benen hadden er duidelijk geen zin in en ik kon helaas niet versnellen. Dan maar tempo vasthouden en zorgen dat je finished dacht ik. Na 17 km begon mij bovenbenen te verkrampen en moest helaas een stuk lopen om weer los te komen. Laatste 2 km weer lopen en snel naar de finish. Hoera, gehaald.

foto 3

Eindtijd van 07 uur en 14 minuten. Al met al blij met het resultaat.


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Závody 2015

Powerman Denmark 2015

by Benny 13. května 2015 09:51

Uspěšné dokončení v náročných podmínkách.

Poté, co jsem v loňském roce vyzkoušel svého prvního polovičního ironman, bylo na čase v roce 2015 získat více zkušeností v delších závodech.

Rozhodl jsem se zučastnit závodu Powerman Denmark. Letos byl druhy ročník, a já jsem si vybral ultra vzdálenost (10km běh – 120km kolo – 20km běh).

8.dubna jsme se s Ivetou vydali směr Kodaň. V sobotu brzo ráno jsme šli vyzvednout startovní číslo. Zavodiště už bylo přípraveno, takže jsme si v klidu prošli trasu na běh, vypadala dobře. V odpoledních hodinách byl zavod na krátkou vzdálenost, který vyhrál Holanďan. Nebyl jsem jediný Holanďan na Powermanu v Dánsku. Bohužel počasí nebylo moc hezké. Déšť, vítr a pouhých 9 stupňů. Doufal jsem, že to bude další den lepší.

10. dubna zazvonil budík ve 04:00. Cítím se dobře odpočinutý a jsem trochu nervózní. Rychlé jsem se na internetu podíval na předpověď počasí. Déšť do 09:00, nadále větrno a tak kolem 9 stupňů. Mohlo by to být lepší, ale co nadělám.

06:00 vyrazili jsme na start. Jsem tu jedním z prvních, a mohu si v klidu najít místo a vše připravit.

Terén se pomalu plní lidmi, jdeme na start. A je to tady, pomyslím si, ted’ se uvidí jestli jsem se nepřecenil.

08:05 zazní výstřel ze startovní pistole. Hlavně v klidu, pomyslím si, den je ještě dlouhý. Udržet tempo kolem 04:40 by neměl být problém. První kolo proběhlo prima, chytil jsem se skupinky která mi hezky udržovala tempo. Druhé kolo bylo také v pohodě a těch 10 km jsem zvládl za 47:48.

foto 1

Rychle se převlíct a na kolo pomyslím si. Začíná pršet. Pláštěnku nebo ne? Zněla otázka. Vzhledem k předpovědi počasí předpokládám, že bude pršet jen chvíli a oblékám si jen vestu-větrovku.

Brzy toho lituji. Začal nás trápit silný déšť a ještě silnější vítr.

Cyklistika se skládala ze 3 kol po 38 km plus 4 km z depa a 4 km do depa.

Celá trasa vedla podél jižního pobřeží Kodaně, podél Baltského moře. V prvním kole bylo zima a mokro a vítr dal o sobě slyšet. Foukalo kolem 30 km za hodinu. V klidu šlapat, znělo mé moto, protože toho musíš dneska zvládnout ještě víc. Po prvním kole přestalo naštěstí pršet, ale vítr zesílil. Měl sílu někde mezi 40 a 50 km za hodinu s nárazy až 70 km za hodinu. Ne příliš nadšeně, ale vytrvale jsem odšlapal i druhé kolo. Cestou jsem míjel mnoho lidí s defektem. Snad se mi to taky nestane, doufám, a statečně se pouštím do posledního kola. Únava se začíná pomalu projevovat a tak jsem se rozhodl ubrat pár zubů a šlapat lehčeji.

foto 2

Přes všechno jsem kolo skončil docela fit a rychle se převlékám na poslední část.

Začínám pomalu, aby měly nohy čas zvyknout si na přechod. Prvních 5 km bylo v pohodě a jdeme na druhých 5 km. Nohám se evidentně nechce a bohužel mi nejde zrychlit. Snažím se udržet tempo, hlavně abych dokončil, pomyslím si. Po 17 km jsem dostal křeče do stehen a musel jsem zvolnit do chůze, aby povolily. Poslední 2 km jsem se znovu rozběhl a rychle do cíle. Hurá, dokončil jsem.

foto 3

Konečný čas 07 hodin a 14 minut. S ohledem na okolnosti jsem s výsledkem spokojený.


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Závody 2015

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